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About the San Diego Seals

Who are the San Diego Seals?
The Seals are a professional lacrosse team in the National Lacrosse League. San Diego is an expansion team.

Where will the Seals play?
The Seals will play at Valley View Casino Center, San Diego's leading destination for sporting events, family shows and live entertainment. Valley View casino Center is located just north of downtown San Diego off Interstate 8.

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About NLL Lacrosse

When does the season start?
The Seals regular season home opener will be on December 8, 2018 at 7pm at the Valley View Casino Center. The remaining schedule will be announced in early September, and all home games will fall on Friday and Saturday nights. 

What is the National Lacrosse League?
Founded in 1986, the National Lacrosse League (NLL) is the world's only professional indoor lacrosse league. Featuring the world's best players, league-wide attendance averages nearly 10,000 fans per game.

What does the game look like?
It's fast-paced, hard-hitting, action-packed entertainment for fans of all ages. CLICK HERE to watch some highlights.

What are the rules?
CLICK HERE to learn the basics.

What makes the NLL experience unique?
It's the excitement. It's the intensity. It's the passion. It's pure entertainment and sensory overload. SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Will kids enjoy the game?
Kids will love it, and the kid in you will love it too! The Seals will have something for everyone.

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Building our Team

Who's on the team?
There are four ways the Seals will build a roster: Expansion Draft, Free Agency, Entry Draft, and Trades. You can view our current roster here.

What is the Expansion Draft?
The Expansion Draft was the first opportunity for Seals to acquire players. In the Expansion Draft, the Seals selected nine players from existing franchises. We alternated picks in the draft with the Philadelphia Wings, another expansion team that will also begin play this November. 

What is Free Agency, and when does it begin?
Free Agency is a distinction that players earn in the league based on tenure and age. This allows for free movement between teams. Players who earn free agent status are eligible to sign with the team they just played for, or with any other team. Free Agency began on August 1.

What is the Entry Draft?
The Entry Draft, traditionally held in September, is a selection of the top young talent by each team in the league. Typically each team owns one pick in each round. To give expansion teams (such as the Seals) a chance to get competitive quickly, they receive additional picks in the Entry Draft. The Seals won the opportunity to have the first draft pick in the Entry Draft.

How do you trade players?
Trades work the same in the NLL as in other leagues. Two or more teams agree to terms on swapping players and/or draft pics. All trades must be approved by the League.

How many players are on the field, and how many on a team?
Teams are made up of 20 players on the active roster, and up to four additional on the practice squad. Nineteen players per team dress for each game. There are usually six players (five runners and one goalie) on the field per team at any one time. You can pull the goalie and bring on an extra attacker at any time. Players that commit penalties serve time in the penalty box.  

How accessible will the Seals players be?
Very! Players will be highly visible, making appearances at schools, community events, lacrosse practices and charitable functions. The team will have an autograph session for fans after every game.

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Becoming a Fan

How much do tickets cost?
Season tickets are the best value and offer great savings. Season ticket membership starts at just $7 per game. Sit in the lower level with season tickets, starting at only $14 per game.

How can I reserve my seats?
All it takes is a single $50 Season Ticket Membership deposit, regardless of the number of seats you'd like.  CLICK HERE to place your deposit today!

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Partnering with the Seals

My company would like to explore sports marketing opportunities with the Seals. How can I learn more?
We'd love to talk to you! CONTACT US HERE for information on partnering with the Seals.

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Our Ownership

Who is the owner?
Joe Tsai owns the San Diego Seals. Joe played college lacrosse at Yale, and has a great passion for the sport and for the City of San Diego. CLICK HERE for a complete bio.

How committed are you to San Diego?
We're proud to call San Diego home. It's America's Finest City, and we hope to make it even finer. We'll be incredibly active in the local community and couldn't be happier to be in San Diego!

How can I follow the Seals? 
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